Grand Seiko Limited Collection

The re-creation of
the first Grand Seiko Limited Collection

Grand Seiko Limited Collection

Black Ceramic Collection

Grand Seiko Limited Collection

The Hi-Beat 36000 Professional 600m Diver's


The president & CEO of GS Grand Seiko at Basel World announced

“Since we launched Grand Seiko internationally in 2010, the brand has made great strides forward in terms of distribution, sales and interest among watch lovers. I am delighted with our progress to date. Grand Seiko has always been distinct in its design, character, presentation and, more recently, its calibers. In order to further reinforce its unique appeal and to reach out to a wider audience, we are today taking one step further and presenting Grand Seiko as an entirely separate brand. On all the creations we are presenting here at Baselworld, the Grand Seiko logo is at the twelve o’clock position and this will also be true for all Grand Seiko watches from now onwards. From today, Grand Seiko lives a truly independent life and sets out on a new journey. My intention is that, in the coming years, Grand Seiko will scale new heights of watchmaking excellence and commercial success. To celebrate this landmark moment in our history, we go back to the very beginnings of the brand for our inspiration. You will see both a faithful reproduction of the very first Grand Seiko from 1960 which carried the Grand Seiko logo at the twelve o’clock position, and a modern re-interpretation. We are also widening the appeal of the brand into new design areas. Last year, we expanded the range of Grand Seiko with a sports model and, for 2017,we build on this success with a collection”.

This is very important news for the Grand Seiko brand, as it allows it to grow and innovate at it`s own pace.

Grand Seiko’s launch as a full brand was something that watch aficionados have been expecting for years given the odd combination of positive demand from knowledgeable watch collectors and understandable confusion from newbies wondering why a “Seiko” could cost north of mid 4 figures.

The re-creation of Grand Seiko

The modern re-interpretation of the 1960 Grand Seiko is true to the pioneering spirit of the original Grand Seiko and it’s driven by the new automatic 9S68 caliber with larger than usual date display, a departure from current Grand Seiko models. The case of the new Grand Seiko re-interpretation comes in Brilliant Hard Titanium, an exclusive proprietary material  which is as light as titanium but harder by two factors than steel – a necessary improvement given how certain grades of titanium are prone to scratching.

Grand Seiko was launched internationally only in 2010 and has come a far way from being a somewhat obscure treat for the nerdiest collectors in the know to the broad recognition it has achieved today. Its progress is a remarkable accomplishment, especially considering the hurdle of perception being Asian in the mostly European club of high-end watches as well as the association with inexpensive, mass-produced watches. The brand has already managed to become one of the hottest topics among the watch-collecting and -appreciating community in recent years, and this rebranding aims to expand upon that territory.